The Grocer Directory of Manufactuers & Suppliers

The Grocer Directory of Manufacturers & Suppliers

Published 25th February 2020 / ISBN: 978-0-9935304-9-4

  • Searching for new suppliers?
  • Looking for sales leads?
  • Sourcing alternative products?
  • Researching the competition?

Find what you are looking for.

Brought to you by The Grocer, the new, updated, Grocer Directory of Manufacturers & Suppliers 2020 brings together detailed information on 4,102 companies supplying grocery and non-grocery products.

  • All the products to stock your shelves - from baking ingredients to pasta, cheese to oils, air fresheners to milk, cold remedies to wine, gluten-free products to e-liquids and coffee pods
  • All the products & services to help you run your business – from EPOS to shopfitting services, consultants to display shelving, IT services to fork lift trucks, mobile apps to stocktaking services
  • Suppliers are detailed under 322 separate headings in the handy A-Z buyer’s guide.
  • Entries include up-to-date telephone numbers for quick reference.

Comprehensive, easy to use.

We've broken the index down by product type, making it even easier to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s pharmaceutical, dairy, confectionery, preserves, ready meals, petfood, services...

  • Full contact details, including web and email addresses, are provided
  • Plus more than 4,950 key personnel, number of employees, date established, company type

...making it an unrivalled, essential resource.

All the information you need, at your fingertips – it’s the reference for grocery retailers, whether you work in a large multiple, wholesaler or independent retailer.

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The Grocer Directory of Manufactuers & Suppliers

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