I was disappointed by the recent Focus on Yoghurts & Pot Desserts (The Grocer, 11 April, 2009). The feature rightly points out that the ‘impressive growth in this category has been spearheaded by functional brands and their popularity among health-conscious consumers’, but sadly overlooks
the contribution of one of the engines of that growth – the dairy-free category – entirely. 

Dairy-free is now worth £103m at retail, with a value growth of £7m over the past two years. Soya yoghurts specifi cally have added £1.5m to the category in that time . Some 15% of the UK population is now buying soya while penetration in some areas of the country is running at one in five households. 

We were number 20 in The Grocer’s Top Products Survey 2008 alongside big dairy brands. Soya is now mainstream. It was a shame the Focus On failed to reflect this. 

John Allaway, commercial director, Alpro Soya