Sunny Delight will get a new look in the US this autumn with revamped labelling and a major advertising campaign, said Procter & Gamble. P&G has bowed to pressure from Florida's orange growers and agreed to ditch the description Real fruit beverage' in favour of Orange Flavoured Citrus Punch with other Natural Flavours'. The words Florida Style will also be swamped by larger text describing the flavour as Tangy Original ­ a more accurate phrase for a drink containing several fruits, said the company. New graphics will include a variety of fruits. Although existing labels comply with the law, the Florida Department of Citrus and the Centre for Science in the Public Interest claimed they were misleading, given the US version of the drink contains just 5% fruit juice. The changes will not affect Sunny D in the UK, where persistent bad press recently prompted a major overhaul of the brand, which had started flagging after a phenomenal growth spurt in the late 1990s. Juice content was ramped up and ads focused on taste rather than health benefits. However, no major changes have been made to labels or content in the US, where a spokeswoman admitted sales were "not as strong as we would like". She said: "We made the changes because we value our relationships with the citrus industry." Details of the ad campaign are being kept under wraps. {{NEWS }}