After the banana price wars reignited last week, the mults are once again going toe-to-toe over milk.

Asda this morning dropped the price of four pints of whole, skimmed and semi-skimmed milk to £1.18 – the lowest mark in more than a year. The supermarket is also still running a two for £2 multi-buy offer at the same time, effectively selling four pints for £1.

The latest move comes after Tesco last week matched Asda’s previous price of £1.25 as part of its Big Price Drop campaign. As of this morning, Tesco was still selling four pints of standard own-label milk for £1.25, although it is offering four pints for £1 through its Creamfields tertiary brand.

Sainsbury’s and Morrisons are both selling four pints for £1.25.

Asda’s move on milk comes after it reignited the supermarket banana price wars last Friday, cutting the price from 68p/1kg of loose bananas to 58p. The cut was matched by Tesco this week.

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