The Trading Standards Institute (TSI) criticised supermarkets yesterday for the amount of water added to certain meat products.
TSI has discovered that fresh pork could be padded out with as much as 13% added water, according to newspaper reports.
The Institute found that raw meat injected with water and additives to retain the moisture is being sold alongside ordinary fresh meat by leading supermarkets in the UK.
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has called in supermarket and food industry heads to raise its concerns.
Some pork products were found to contain only 87% pork, and in some occasions the remaining percentage consisted of water, dried glucose syrup, polyphosphates to hold in the water, preservatives and ‘partially deodorised rosemary extract”, according to reports.
The watered down pork has also been identified as costing more than average pork steaks in many instances.
Supermarkets do declare the added water and glucose syrup but this is often only in small print, which leaves most shoppers confused according to the TSI.