Wine World ­ a new wine magazine with an emphasis on supermarket wines ­ launches on December 6 from Partners In Publishing. The glossy title will offer readers advice on choosing, buying, storing and enjoying wine from all over the world. David Nicholls, publisher of Wine World, says: "Wine World recognises that a large section of the public purchase their wine from supermarkets, so it wants to work with them to encourage readers to buy better wines and get maximum value for money. "Supermarkets sell great wines and people want good wines at good value ­ that is what the magazine is about. "Wine World will be a more populist publication than, say, Wine & Decanter, and aimed more at the mass market." Every issue will feature a tasting by readers of the top 100 wines from supermarkets and high street wine chains. The first issue comes with a banded calendar of French wine scenes and carries a competition run in conjunction with Sainsbury to win a wine-buying trip to France. There will be two issues of Wine World with a bi-monthly frequency before the magazine converts to a monthly title with the April 2002 issue. Targeted at men and women aged 35 to 55, distributor Seymour advises that Wine World should be positioned alongside BBC Good Food magazine. It has a cover price of £2.95 and an initial print run of 40,000. {{CTN }}