The Food Standards Agency (FSA) yesterday added more products to its high salt black list.

Supermarket products were not exempt from the list of those items accused, which included own-brand baked beans from Morrisons, Budgens and Somerfield.

Stonebaked Pizzas from Tesco and children’s pizzas from Iceland and Sainsbury were also criticised. The latter were found to contain almost three times the level of salt compared to other identical pizzas.

Asda did not escape the shaming either as the survey found excessive salt levels in its Spaghetti and Spaghetti Loops. Co-op Spaghetti was also listed for containing 3.7g of salt, nearly two thirds the daily maximum.

The survey highlighted the variation between salt levels in products such as Safeway’s Kids Spaghetti Letters which contain 1.5g of salt compared to a similar Blue Parrot Café product from Sainsbury which had just 0.5g.

The agency has said it is committed to reducing salt intake in adults from 9.5g a day, which is the current average, to 6g by 2010.