British consumers will buy more than double their normal amount of snacks, drinks and alcohol during the Olympics, according to a study of 2,000 shoppers by media group Redbus.

Almost nine in 10 shoppers (88%) expect to make extra visits to the supermarket during the course of the sporting jamboree.

But most shoppers (85%) said they would not be influenced by whether a brand was an Olympic sponsor.

Four in five shoppers (80%) said they would buy more crisps and 75% will buy more beer or cider. Walkers and Pringles were cited as the most likely beneficiaries in snacks, with Budweiser and Stella Artois the most cited drinks.

“We’re expecting to see last year’s Royal Wedding and this year’s Jubilee effect replicated over a much longer period throughout July and August, with the nation stocking up on food, drinks and snack brands to enjoy while they support Team GB,” said Redbus boss Stefan Borson.

“As the majority will be watching the spectacle in the comfort of their homes rather than in the Olympic Park, this is a key time for brands to ensure they have a prominent presence in the supermarkets.”