The Olympics will bring chaos to the fmcg supply chain unless there is better communication between organisers, retailers and logistics providers, pallet specialist LPR has warned.

Delivery restrictions in and around London that will be in place for 100 days around the Games, will put “massive pressure” on suppliers, said LPR UK MD Jane Goric.

“Just the Olympic village will be feeding 50,000 people 24/7,” she warned. “Then there are the venues, retail outlets and hotels. Communication will be crucial to ensure goods are supplied to demand.”

LPR is also concerned about how the restrictions will affect collection of empty pallets from DCs - resulting in more traffic on restricted routes. TfL recently released details of traffic hotspots to avoid between 15 July and 11 September. But Goric added drivers needed to know what was going on either side of those dates when restrictions would still be in place.

The Freight Transport Association’s head of policy for London Natalie Chapman claimed important details still needed to be provided. “We need clarity over parking and delivering at night,” she said. “Individual boroughs will relax their restrictions, so piecing all the information together will be a challenge.”

Chapman also called for speedy communications when last-minute problems strike. “TfL need to use variable messaging signs, radio, Twitter and their website so drivers know what is happening,” she said.