Greenpeace is claiming victory in its campaign against Waitrose’s partnership with Shell after the supermarket declared its support for making the Arctic a United Nations sanctuary.

The environmental group said the creation of a UN sanctuary would threaten Shell’s plans to drill for oil in the Arctic.

It also welcomed Waitrose’s assurance that it would not open any more Waitrose shops in Shell forecourts until after 2013. Last October, Waitrose opened two pilot stores in Shell petrol stations as part of a trial.

“Waitrose’s move sends a powerful signal to other major brands that a wad of oil-drenched cash from Arctic drillers like Shell comes with a hidden price tag in terms of reputational costs,” said Greenpeace campaigner Sara Ayech.

In protest against the partnership, Greenpeace supporters bombarded Waitrose’s Facebook page with negative comments last week and on Tuesday this week campaigners targeted a Waitrose store in Holloway Road, London, with a polar bear puppet.