Retailers big and small have welcomed the relaxation of night-time delivery restrictions during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

TfL announced this week that it had struck an agreement with London Councils, which acts on behalf of the 33 local authorities, that the London boroughs would not take action against businesses that made deliveries overnight as long as they did not make excessive noise.

It advised delivery drivers to follow a code of practice developed by the Freight Transport Association and the Noise Abatement Society.

The news will be welcomed by businesses on the Olympic route network, where stopping is prohibited from 6am to midnight during the Games. TfL also hinted that allowing night-time deliveries during the Olympics could lead to a long-term relaxation of restrictions.

“If the industry gets it right this summer, this is a real opportunity for reducing congestion and improving air quality and road safety in London in the future,” said London transport commissioner Peter Hendy.