Waitrose has reported a 6.8% jump in weekly sales - as its new Heston from Waitrose Hidden Sauce Figgy Puddings appear on eBay for more than £100.

The supermarket said online grocery sales grew particularly strongly – up 45.3% on last year. “Many shoppers decided not to brave the cold and instead shopped from the comfort of their own home,” it said.

It added that demand for the newly-launched Heston fig puddings was “phenomenal” and although they were still in stock, the puddings have appeared on eBay for more than £100.

In 2010, Heston’s hidden orange Christmas puddings attracted bids of more than £200 on the auction site after Waitrose ran out of the puddings.

Hand-picked mistletoe was another Christmas favourite selling well at Waitrose, the retailer said, with sales up 45% on last year. The recent wet weather had made it a good year for berries, Waitrose added.