Britvic chief executive Paul Moody is to stay on for six months in a consultancy role following the merger with AG Barr.

Documents released yesterday relating to the merger revealed that the two companies plan to start trading shares in Barr Britvic Soft Drinks by the end of next month, after a shareholder vote on merger terms on the 8 January.

Moody will act in an advisory role to Barr Britvic CEO Roger White and will receive £58,300 per month. He is also set to receive his £2.9m pension pot five years early but will not receive any pay-off or bonus.

The docuements also included details of salaries for the members of the new board. White is set to earn £530,000 per annum, along with an anuual bonus of up to 125%. Finance director Jogn Gibney is set to pocket £345,000 a year with a similar bonus plan and chairman Gerald Corbett will receive and annual fee of £230,000.