The government has brought in emergency measures to ensure feed deliveries to livestock farmers during the poor weather conditions are not hampered by EU caps on drivers’ working hours.

Measures have been brought in after Britain was once again hit by heavy snow over the weekend, causing severe disruption to travel across the country.

The temporary relaxation is limited to drivers involved in the distribution of raw materials to feed mills and prepared feed to livestock farms located in Great Britain.

Measures include extending the EU daily driving limit from nine to 10 hours, reducing daily rest requirements from 11 to nine hours and postponing weekly rest requirements by up to 24 hours.

The requirement to take a 45-minute break after four and a half hours of driving will not be changed.

Drivers must also take a minimum rest of 24 hours beginning no later than the end of the 11th day since the end of their last weekly rest period.

The changes to the rules apply immediately and will run until 23.59 on Saturday 30 March.