Children’s food brand Little Dish has signed up with mobile couponing app Shopitize.

Shopitize, which launched its pilot paperless scheme in November, provides a platform that allows brands to offer cashback direct to consumers regardless of which retailer they use.

After downloading the app, consumers are notified of offers that they can redeem by scanning the product’s barcode onto their phone and uploading it, along with the till receipt from a retailer listed with Shopitize, onto the Shopitize website. It is then validated and the cashback is issued.

Shopitize said the app allowed brands to develop their own digital marketing strategies based on the analytics and information gathered by Shopitize.

“The Smartphone is a must-have gadget for the majority of the UK public,” said Alexey Andriyanenko, co-founder and managing director of Shopitize. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that this is where brands need to target to reach new and existing customers.”

Kellogg’s, United Biscuits and Aunt Bessie’s have also signed up with the scheme.