M&S may investigate its suppliers, amidst concerns over workers’ rights at some of the Cambodian factories used by the retailer.

M&S is one of many companies including Gap, Adidas and H&M, who are implicated by the accusations in a new 140-page Human Rights Watch (HRW) report.

M&S has requested evidence and said it may investigate the matter. “We have not been presented with any evidence to support these claims. If Human Rights Watch comes to us with any evidence we will, of course, investigate,” a spokesperson said.

“All suppliers must adhere to our strict ethical standards. These include providing good working conditions, freedom of association, treating workers with respect, limits on overtime and fair rates of pay.

“All supplier factories are audited regularly by third-party independent auditors and visited by M&S compliance managers.”

The HRW’s accusations centre on 73 Cambodian garment factories. Each was found to have at least one human rights violation, after HRW interviewed 340 workers.