Tesco’s new drive to boost availability of its 1,000 top-selling lines, as announced last month by CEO Dave Lewis, will be based on the best sellers in each individual store.

Supply director Tom Hebbert told the IGD Supply Chain summit this week the retailer would be leveraging its Clubcard data to create a tailored list of products based on location, affluence of the area and predominant shopping missions. For Tesco Express, the list will be of 100 to 150 products.

Hebbert said managers would be given detailed reports of stock levels at 6am each day. These would include details of when a product became out of stock and how many customers would have bought it if it had been in stock.

Hebbert said Tesco was also looking to develop new relationships with suppliers but that it would become more selective how many it works closely with - reducing the number of key relationships from 2,000 to about 200.