Unilever is hoping to "revolutionise" women's deodorant by relaunching Sure Women with a formulation that responds to movement.

The new 'motionsense' system works by leaving micro-capsules sitting on the skin after the deodorant has been applied. Friction causes the capsules to break and release bursts of freshness throughout the day, so the more you move, the more it works.

The reformulated product is being rolled out this month as part of a wider relaunch, including brighter packaging and an ergonomic new can, supported by a £4.5m campaign.

"We look forward to seeing the relaunch increase Sure's market share, while remaining true to the core brand promise that 'It won't let you down,'" said brand manager Hayley Plaskitt. A two month-long campaign kicks off at the end of April, including TV, print, outdoor and digital.