Retailers and suppliers battled through the snow this week to keep the nation fed and watered - but not all managed to overcome the adverse weather conditions.

Waitrose posted the lowest-ever score of just eight points in the Online Grocer 33 after it cancelled our Oxford-based mystery shopper’s delivery the day before due to “adverse weather” - even though the roads were clear the day it should have arrived.

By contrast, winner Sainsbury’s delivered successfully to a mystery shopper in Swansea, Wales - one of the worst affected areas.

Waitrose said: “Our online drivers have been doing everything they can to deliver orders, including delivering by foot in some cases.”

Ocado and Asda both admitted they had been forced to cancel a small number of orders, but reported no major disruption.

“Ocado has the only delivery fleet in the UK with winter tyres,” an Ocado spokeswoman said. “However, as in previous years, many roads haven’t been treated and are impassable, particularly in rural areas.”