United Biscuits claims to have become the first major food manufacturer in the UK to stop sending any waste to landfill.

The KP Nuts and McVities maker said it had achieved zero waste to landfill across its 16 UK sites by reducing waste, recycling more and incinerating residual waste.

“This is a fantastic milestone and it’s extremely rewarding to see that all our hard work has paid off,” said UB COO Jeff van der Eems.

United Biscuits has cut 9,000 tonnes of waste sent to landfill since 2006. It announced in 2008 its intention to stop using landfill by 2015, but rapid progress prompted it to bring the target forward in 2010 to this year.

The company is not alone in slashing its landfill waste. The amount of grocery supply chain waste dumped in landfill fell by 40% in 2010, according to WRAP.

More are likely to follow. Suppliers still sending significant waste to landfill face an increasingly burdensome tax bill - the landfill tax increases £8 this year to £64 a tonne.