United Biscuits has joined forces with recycling group TerraCycle to launch a biscuit wrapper recycling scheme.

The eco-friendly McVitie’s Biscuit Wrapper Brigade initiative, which UB said was a UK first, began this week, urging biscuit-munchers to send empty wrappers to TerraCycle.

The scheme incentivises consumers to take part by helping participants raise money for their chosen charity, with each wrapper returned resulting in a 1p contribution.

“Biscuit wrappers are recyclable, but very little mixed plastic recycling is carried out by local council kerb side collections, which results in billions of biscuit wrappers being sent to landfill,” said McVitie’s marketing controller Vicki Gregory.

The used biscuit wrappers will be recycled into everyday products such as watering cans, garden benches and waste bins.