Tesco is adding a 'fish of the month' to its fresh counters to direct shoppers to sustainable species.

The fish will be placed prominently in the centre of the counter, accounting for a quarter of the display. Species will be selected on value and availability, with less well-known fish such as gurnard, pouting and flounder likely to feature.

Cornish processor Falfish will supply the fish of the month to Tesco from the summer. It will be landed in Cornwall and Devon for distribution nationwide.

Tesco had wanted a fish of the month for several years, Falfish commercial director Edward Polley said, but only recently adjusted its stock ordering system so a product code could apply to a selection of products, such as fish species.

Falfish is also working with Tesco to introduce a range of herb butters to sell alongside the fish. Asda already cross sells sauces and butters on its fish counters