Premium crisps maker Tyrrells Potato Chips has thrown away the rule book with its latest seasonal creation, introducing an unusual blend of fruit, spice and wine flavours.
The company hopes its strawberry, sweet chilli & white wine potato chips, which will be launched in time for Valentine’s Day, will fuel the fires of consumer passion and continue to add interest to the burgeoning premium crisps category.
The new variant supports Breast Cancer Haven, with 10% of the sales being donated to the charity. A 50g bag has an rsp of 64p and is launching into independent retailers.
Top-end crisps brands continue to perform well against more mainstream rivals, such as Walkers Sensations, with Tyrrells recording a growth in value of 94% from the end of March 2005 until now.
Premium crisps companies are also the driving force in innovation in the category with experimental and less traditional blends. Last summer The Yorkshire Crisp Company launched a sour cream, dill & mustard flavour in time for Royal Ascot, made to complement a smoked salmon sandwich and a glass of Champagne, and more recently a black pepper & ginger variant was developed under the Salty Dog brand.
Tyrrells is not alone in trying to introduce sweet and savoury combinations. Toffee, fudge and chocolate are among flavours being experimented with by companies such as Jonathan Crisp, which is hoping to bring sweet creations to market.
Stefan Chomka