Activity within the confectionery category has improved this week, signalling Mars’ induction into the Top 10 brand chart with offers available on most of its top brands including Revels, Maltesers and Galaxy ranges. These brands’ offerings are further evident within freezer chests with offers spotted on ice-cream variants.
Of all observed activity, Kumala wine is the only brand that features in all five multiples with offers on either 75cl or 3-litre boxed SKUs. Toilet tissue brand Velvet has performed well with a consistent promotional mechanic in four of the five multiples.
Big name brands Heinz, Kellogg’s and Uncle Ben’s were the most featured, providing plenty of variants within their labels as well as accounting for nearly 30% of all offers within the branded category.
Competition between Sainsbury and Morrisons shows little sign of dwindling as Sainsbury leads ahead of Morrisons by 1%. Retailers continue to promote their own label chilled items, with this being the single category where all the multiples operate promotions.