Molson Coors is launching its 4% abv Grolsch Blond in the take-home market.

The beer, which was released on draught in the on-trade last year, is being introduced in packs of six 27.5cl bottles and four 44cl cans in the off-trade and is rolling out into Sainsbury's and Waitrose now.

The launch will be supported with six-sheet poster ads near supermarkets, as part of the new £5.4m campaign for the Grolsch brand. Off-trade promotions for Blond will include free glassware to promote Continental-style drinking, and link-buy promotions with cheese in some supermarkets.

"We've gone for small packs rather than big multipacks because it will help to keep the price at a premium," said brand director David Griffiths.

As rival brewers have attempted with Stella 4% and Beck's Vier, Blond is Grolsch's bid to occupy both premium and standard segments of the market.