A new destination at Food and Drink Expo is geared to showing how to cream more profits from cheese

The Cheese Board, sponsored by the Welsh Development Agency, is a new focal point at Food and Drink Expo 2004 and will provide an opportunity to find out about the British cheese industry and how to make cheese a lucrative part of a business.

The Cheese Board will devote open sessions to providing information on how to make more profit from
cheese products, as well as gaining an insight into the latest developments and trends within the delicatessen and foodservice sectors. There will also be a chance to sample a wide selection of British cheeses.

Over the course of the show, there will be three ongoing presentations. One, Cheese Board, which takes its name from the concept, is designed for the foodservice sector and will demonstrate how to boost profits from cheese in the sector. Delicatessen cheese sales will be the subject of a second study in a presentation called Improving Cheese On Your Deli Counter. The third presentation will be by the Welsh Development Agency on Welsh cheeses.

Produce from other areas of the UK will also be showcased in smaller presentations.

These will include cheeses from Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Northern Ireland, Cornwall and Scotland.