John Ruderman, 46, operations manager at the City of Bristol College I set it all up very easily but overnight the dispensing equipment dripped, sufficiently to make my wife complain, but not enough to waste too much of the beer. The tap was easy to use and the beer poured bright once I had drained the sediment as instructed. There was little head, which is good, and the beer was not gassy. The aroma was disappointing and did not suggest the good flavour when drunk. I like my beer a little more malty than this, but it is certainly pleasant. If I were served a pint like this in a pub, I would find it most acceptable. The packaging could let the product down as, usually, cheaper beers are served in this type of bottle. I assume this will be countered by point of sale marketing. The price seems reasonable, although I may have hesitated to try the product if I had had to pay for the tap. It will be interesting to try some other brews using this system. I drank a couple of pints on the first night. The second night I drank the rest, and there was no discernible difference. Rating out of 25 - 20 {{DRINKS }}