Paul Costello, 46, civil servant and cricket enthusiast from High Eldwick, West Yorkshire The bottle's tapered shape makes this beer easier to hold than conventional bottles while the clear glass showed off the drink's appealing deep amber colour. However, the label and neck band appear too busy to give a clear impression. I don't particularly like the name ­ New Fangled' is a bit gadgety and not really appropriate for a serious beer. It is a very distinctive, clean tasting beer with a pleasant lingering aftertaste. Perhaps a little sweet, but this isn't unusual in this strength of beer. There is enough fizz to give it lift without being overly gassy and difficult to drink. Personally, I like Marston's beers and this was another example of a good, refreshing and very drinkable tipple. At £1.60 a bottle it's not a bad price either. Rating out of 25 ­ 18 {{DRINKS }}