Simon Hooley, 28, is a freelance account manager at an ad agency. He lives in south London. It's a decent sized bottle of beer but the label is atrocious. There's far too much detail, you can't tell who the brewer is,, and you can hardly see the Rugby World Cup connection. If I saw it on a supermarket shelf I'd think it was a cheap own label. The clear glass doesn't do it any favours. It's quite flat after you open it and it doesn't look as though it's got a lot of body. The colour reminds me of a Long Island Iced Tea. However, it's got a good head and a definite bitter/ale smell once poured. It has texture to it ­ you get the refreshing fizz and a strong aftertaste. I would happily drink it if someone poured it but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it as it has no heritage or clout behind it. At £1.59 a bottle there are more than a few alternatives. I think the brewer is jumping on the promotional bandwagon and I don''t think it will succeed. Rating out of 25 ­ 11 {{DRINKS }}