Roy Hayes, 71, retired engineer and bookseller from Beckenham, Kent I am a committed draught beer drinker in pubs, but I usually turn to wine at home. However, being presented with a bottle of Sun and Planet I found it refreshing and very palatable. It had a good flavour, more so than many other bottled beers I have tried. With regard to the name, I am at a loss to understand the association between beer and Sun and Planet, but perhaps that is irrelevant. The label has an attractive design with good colour contrasts. If I was looking along the supermarket shelves to select a bottled beer, the name Shepherd Neame would influence that selection because of the brewer’s pubs and draught beer activities. Therefore, I think the brewer’s name could be more prominently displayed. Having enjoyed the beer I will be buying more. Rating out of 25 ­ 18 {{DRINKS }}