Kirsten Pegler,planning officer and rugby player, from Cuckfield, West Sussex Being a keen rugby player, and supportive of New Zealand rugby, I was keen to try out a Kiwi wine and roped my sister in to give it a try as well. We were both pleasantly surprised by the taste. It was a bit sharp, but it had a good, crisp flavour and a strong smell. And it tasted as if it was quite expensive. But I was disappointed in the bottle's appearance. I'm usually attracted by a jazzy bottle label, and I wasn't at all impressed by this bland design which wasn't at all striking. In fact it was a bit old fashioned and reminiscent of a B&Q wallpaper, and it wouldn't, I think, stand out on shelf as being anything special. The price was a little higher than I would normally pay for a white wine and, based on appearance, I would not have paid £5.99 for it. Rating out of 25 ­ 15 {{DRINKS }}