James Bates 37, specialist builder, Petersfield, Hants Having settled down for an afternoon's entertainment watching the rugby on TV, I decided to take the opportunity of sampling this beer. It is a classic, strong winter ale to be enjoyed sparingly, and luckily enough for me my mate Terry was there to share the bottle. Had this not been the case, I certainly would not have been in any fit state to witness the end of the match which would have been a tragedy, since England won. The beer has definite strong overtones of hops and undercurrents of liquorice. It is smooth but with a good bite, and it is definitely a tipple to be enjoyed in very small quantities. I can't actually imagine ever buying this beer for myself, it's just too strong for my palate, but good for keeping a bottle in the cupboard to give to the father-in-law and ensure a peaceful afternoon. Rating out of 25 ­ 18 {{DRINKS }}