Ian Grahamslaw, 45, company secretary, Farnborough, Hants I am not familiar with the Viognier grape variety which would be a plus point when I am looking for something new. This is a very understated label, but I like the look of it because it is nice and simple. However, the description on the back means absolutely nothing to me. Like other wines, it claims a range of exotic flavours which I never seem to be able to taste when I drink the wine. This wine is very pleasant and crisp on the palate. It had a fruity taste, smooth and with a good bouquet. The 13.5% abv seemed particularly strong. It has some acidity, which I think gives it body, but as it warmed up in the glass, the taste deteriorated quickly. The price, at £6.99, is neither expensive enough to attract wine buffs, nor cheap enough for day-to-day drinking, and should be reconsidered. My overall feeling is that this is a good wine and should do well if priced for the correct market. Rating out of 25 ­ 15 {{DRINKS }}