Dave Godsell, 26, insurance underwriter, from Gloucester Red wine has a very different image to that of white. Somehow, red wine is seen as the preserve of the connoisseur, whereas white wine is glugged by the gallon at the local 'venue bar'. For this reason, one could argue that the Canti Rosso faces a sterner test than that of its paler counterpart. Unfortunately, it is a test in which, I think, it fairs less than well. While the packaging is clean and modern, the overall look fails to transcend its price tag, and would certainly not be eye-catching enough to tempt me at the local off-licence or supermarket. It has an unremarkable smell and the taste, while not unpleasant, is thin, overly fruity with an unwelcome acidic (almost tangy) aftertaste. The phrase you get what you pay for' is particularly apt when applied to this product. I would be surprised if it even achieved modest success. Rating out of 25 ­ 9 {{DRINKS }}