Geoff Parkes, 47, administration controller from Wolverhampton When I buy beer in a supermarket, I am not drawn by flashy shaped bottles or brightly coloured labels, I look to see who brews it. I even look to see what it's called, in case it's good and I want to buy it again, and I look to see its strength. I'm not looking for a cheap, watery own brand. This comes in clear glass that does nothing to hide the amber colour. It's clear and bright and the label is unobtrusive and devoid of gimmickry. This is a beer designed to catch the eye of a beer drinker ­ me, not that of the occasional buyer in supermarkets ­ my wife. This is a light, above-average strength, hoppy pale ale. When first poured, it's a little fizzy and tastes better when left to settle for 15 minutes. Then the flavour becomes rounder and warms the tongue, and there's a pleasant afterglow. Would I pay £1.29 for a bottle in Morrisons? Yes. Rating out of 25 ­ 20 {{DRINKS }}