Bob Evans, 45, product development manager, from Oakham, Rutland The appearance of this wine, including the packaging, comes across as neat, conservative, non-descript of origin (which I think is a mistake) and unremarkable. It fails to invite me to select it from the vast array of brands competing on the shelf. I also think the brand name is odd. Mountains can be high, far or dangerous, but can a mountain really be described as Long'? In my opinion this wine has not been given the apparel required to be a really successful brand. The wine is a good colour with a pleasant nose. The flavour is of spice, but without legs' or depth, suggesting to me that it is rather too young. I am not tempted to slap it against my palate or to roll it around the tonsils. The wine remains pleasant but unremarkable and is not destined for greatness. I would set my price on it at no more than £4.49. Rating out of 25 ­ 16 {{DRINKS }}