Sarah Teasdale, 30, broadcast journalist from London The alcopop style of packaging immediately put me off what was inside the bottle. This was unfortunate because I did actually enjoy the wine and it is sensibly priced at £4.99. The violet bottle is, in fact, opaque, so it is impossible to tell whether you're about to buy a red or a white without referring to the label. Verdelho is not a name I'm familiar with ­ and I'm still not. The label did not reveal any real information about the grape or its origins but instead offered only a meaningless blurb. I could never imagine choosing this style of wine over a traditional bottle. At first glance it looks cheap. Indeed I was surprised to find it had a cork instead of a screw-top. The slender shape of the bottle also gives the misleading impression that it contains less than the standard 75cl. But the wine itself was refreshingly crisp and, frankly, of a higher standard than its rather tacky bottle might have suggested. Rating out of 25 ­ 11 {{DRINKS }}