Elaine Lane, 48, hospital administrator, from Eltham, south London I think Meridian Wines has gone a long way to proving the claim on the bottle that you can bottle Italian style, and I really enjoyed this Pinot Grigio. I liked the taste of this crisp, dry wine, which was not too dry ­ and, after drinking one glass I was definitely looking forward to the next one! Although the bottle doesn't really stand out from the crowd, this wine is being launched as a new brand and Meridian Wines has emphasised the point with a trendy-looking bottle that would look at home in the Conran shop. However, because the labelling is so subtle, a good advertising campaign is needed to make people aware of it. I think the price, at £4.99 a bottle, is about right and certainly at the promotional price of £3.99, it is a real bargain. I look forward to buying it and drinking it again. Rating out of 25 ­ 19 {{DRINKS }}