Paul Frew, 59, consulting engineer, Epsom, Surrey I don't usually buy New World wines, not through snobbishness, but because of the safe feeling provided by the usual French or Italian styles. It was pleasing to be given a chance to try an Australian wine that was both light enough to drink pre-dinner and heavy enough to accompany our beef Stroganoff. It had a fruity taste, smooth and with a good bouquet. The 13.5% abv seemed particularly strong. The labelling and packaging is designed to catch the eye, but I am not sure if it is stylish enough for the experienced drinker. The labelling is modern and would attract younger consumers. The price, at £6.99, is neither expensive enough to attract wine buffs (snobs) or cheap enough for day-to-day drinking and should be reconsidered. My overall feeling is that this is a good wine and should do well if priced for the correct market. Rating out of 25­ 19 {{DRINKS }}