Gemma Knight, 25, works in recruitment sales in West Sussex Gosh, another well known brand presented in a different format. How many more alcopops or premium mixed drinks do we need? The taste doesn't really help matters either, and being a cider drinker in my teenage years I was not tempted to rekindle my old drinking habits. There is a nasty aftertaste to this drink that is beyond description. I could definitely taste the ginger and the spice elements, but not the cider. And to be honest, I would not purchase this drink twice. The bottle's appearance was okay so when I was asked to be a guinea pig for the tasting, I jumped at the chance. I can certainly see it doing well against other leading alcopop brands in the overcrowded fridge of a busy bar but, once tasted, it may not be swigged again. It does cider and Strongbow as a brand no favours whatsoever. Rating out of 25 ­ 5 {{DRINKS }}