Eric Mackrell, 36, civil servant, Petersfield, Hampshire I find the shape of the bottle attractive, I like the snazzy black and orange label and the Riesling name appeals to me. It looks like it is going to be a good wine. I am not familiar with the Riesling grape but that only makes me want to try it. I certainly don't associate it with the old style of sweet German wine that people tell me it is linked with. I might be tempted to buy this as a one-off for a special occasion, but there are other wines on the shelf that I would like to drink and they cost less. I usually spend around £5 on a bottle. In addition, now that I have tried it I am not sure it is worth the £6.99 price tag. The wine is drinkable, sweeter than I thought it would be and leaves a nice feel in the mouth. However, the comments on the back about lime fresh acidity and hints of citrus blossoms' don't make any sense to me. Rating out of 25 ­ 18 {{DRINKS }}