Maggie Sillars, 30, is a PA/administrator from Darlington Both versions are quite strong and I could tell they were gin based from the smell.They are nice but not very refreshing. I would have thought a drink like that would be more thirst quenching. I like gin, but I choose not to order it in bars. If I was really into it, though, I would buy this mixer, but if there was a vodka drink available I would pick that. The Gordon's packaging is smart ­ pure and clear ­ no one wants a drink that looks as if it is swimming in additives and preservatives. It is also a well known brand so people would feel confident in picking it out at a bar. The drinks are not sweet like other alcopops. I wonder if there are fewer calories than in an alcopop ­ a variant with diet lemonade would be a guaranteed seller with women who are counting calories. At the moment you cannot get a diet alcopop. Rating out of 25 ­ 19 {{DRINKS }}