Peter O'Brien, 37, is a printer from Cumbernauld, near Glasgow The label is plain and it looks like a cheap own label wine from a supermarket. I'd expected it to taste cheap and vinegary but it is much nicer than it looks. The wine is golden yellow. It smells like a freshly tossed salad, with hints of peach and bubblegum. It's surprisingly pleasant and not as pungent or acidic as I would have expected from an English wine. It's dry and crisp. The fact it's got an award makes me happy to try it. I would happily drink it with a meal, but at £5.79 it's a bit overpriced. The label needs more class. It wouldn't stand out on the shelf and say drink me'. The presentation is poor and I'd be embarrassed to take it to a party. I think it needs a fancier, more upmarket label to give it more appeal. At the moment it looks like a £1.99 wine but tastes like a £7 wine. Rating out of 25 ­ 17 {{DRINKS }}