Fiona Davies, 40, a housewife from Goring, West Sussex First the pack, which looks like a Lucozade bottle that wants to be a man's shampoo. There is no indication it is a cider, in fact this could almost be an apple shampoo. If it is trying to be a hip presentation of cider for lunchers on the hoof, the condom style ribbing feel of the gold part is rather strange. But if it is a drink for clubbers, the shape and colours seem rather boring. Frosted white glass would have been much smarter. Why this industrial/pharmaceutical sort of approach? The script on the back is cringe-inducing An ultra refreshing cider. Relax, revive and enjoy'. Well, I hoped the liquid would be nice (I do like cider). I was quite astonished that it tasted like a cheap sweet cider, with no impact at all on the back of the palate. It was slightly frothy rather than fizzy and belied the 5.4% alcohol content. Rating out of 25 ­ 2 {{DRINKS }}