Cath Hawkins, 46, school secretary, New Eltham, London First impressions of this fruit-based liqueur are of the rather pretty blue and gold labelling on the brandy-shaped bottle. This packaging would be most attractive to a young female market, a message reinforced by the description on the back which focuses on the passion of the passionfruit base and the seductively refreshing' taste. Tasted chilled, the immediate impact is of a sickly and viscous fruit drink, but this is quickly followed by a rewarding alcoholic kick at the back of the throat. At 16% abv, it is too strong to compete with other ready-mixed drinks, such as alcopops. Like most liqueurs aimed at the female market it is very sweet and, for this reason, it would not be my choice of after dinner drink. However, I think Alizé might find a successful niche as a pre-dinner aperitif, served very cold with ice. Rating out of 25­ 12 {{DRINKS }}