Nestlé is bringing out a limited edition seasonal SnackStop variant as part of a relaunch for the pot snack brand. On shelf now, new Summer Lemon & Garlic Cous Cous replaces Roast Parsnip and Potato with Croutons. It will be superceded by another seasonal recipe in September. Aiming to generate interest among the product's target market ­ 21 to 26-year-old females ­ the company has also given the range updated packaging and improved its recipes, including adding two colours of pasta. Assistant channel development manager Alison Kemp said around 46% of the products were eaten at lunchtime. To maximise potential, she advised retailers to place the brand in impulse sales areas with other lunchtime products, to use branded gondola ends and shippers to boost display, and to link SnackStop with appropriate products, such as chocolate and crisps, in meal deals'. {{P&P }}