TARGET CONSUMER Steven Richards, 32, is an administrator who temps in London I don't like the grey packaging and I wouldn't recognise it as a can of cider. In fact, the name makes me think it'd be something like Red Bull. The cider is an orangey gold colour that looks just like Irn-Bru or Lucozade. It's quite bubbly when you pour it but it goes flat straight away. It doesn't smell very appley and the smell reminds me of a dry sherry. It smells alcoholic but doesn't taste alcoholic and the fact it's got artificial sweetener in it puts me off. There's very little taste of cider on the tongue and it's only the aftertaste that tells me I've drunk cider. Cider has been my tipple for years but this one is disappointing and not distinctive enough. I definitely wouldn't buy it again. Rating out of 25 ­ 12 {{DRINKS }}