TARGET CONSUMER Anthony Lafrate (24) is a warehouse operative from Derbyshire I think it's a clever idea. It's got quite a good logo on it and if I had seen this for the first time in a shop it would have made me buy it because it's funny. But I think it is a shame it doesn't taste any good. I kind of expected it to smell like fish chips and peas, but it's got a definite real ale smell to it, like a stout or like Newcastle Brown. The taste is malty and tangy but it seems a bit stale and flat. And it leaves a lingering aftertaste that is revolting. I'm not really a big ale drinker, and this definitely wouldn't encourage me to switch to ale. My dad would probably like it, but I think I'll stick to my pint of bitter from a pump ­ and maybe I'll have a saveloy with it! Rating out of 25 ­ 6 {{DRINKS }}