From Vinoceros. One of the new brands designed to raise the profile of Chilean wines Abv: 13% Price: £5.49 TARGET CONSUMER Nigel Hayes, 44 is a financial products trainer from Hackney, London. A rich, full-bodied red with flavours of plums and Christmas pudding. Smooth, yet with enough tannins to complement ripe cheeses and red meats. An after-dark sort of wine, ideal with dinner or drunk on its own in front of the fire. Beautiful deep red colour and, like most Chilean wines, a very good buy at £5.49. The bottle and label were both fine ­ modern, simple and reasonably elegant. However, Southern Breeze' conjures up an image of white wine spritzers or fizzy cocktails, which seems wholly inappropriate for a luxurious and heavy red wine. Name aside, I liked everything about this wine. It is well worth putting a dozen or so bottles in the cellar to consume leisurely throughout the year. Rating out of 25 ­ 18 Sally Easton Master of Wine and wine buyer for Berry Brothers and Rudd This wine has a very deep ruby colour and an intense nose of plums, aromatic spice, black cherries and iodine, all reasonably typical for a Chilean Merlot. On the palate it shows warm, ripe primary fruit flavours with a very smooth texture and appealing mouthfeel. The tannins are light and supple, the body full and full flavoured. This is an attractive easy drinking style of wine for immediate consumption with some good depth of fruit character and a soft, if not very long, finish. At £5.49 it may be a little overpriced given the competitive set for Chilean Merlot but it is a good example of the style. Rating out of 25 ­ 17 Graham Shearsby Board creative director, graphics, at Design Bridge What can I say about this? It's not that it's particularly badly designed, neither is it particularly well designed. The label features a token work of art and what seems to be a rather Californian sounding name. I have to say that I'm afraid it's yet another average £3.99 bottle of wine, but with a retail price of £5.49. On closer inspection the painting is actually rather disturbing; a withered grey headless female. What is this supposed to mean? Is there a deeper meaning intended? We are never likely to know and may not be interested in finding out. I'm afraid it is all rather anonymous. Rating out of 25 ­ 7 Steve Mayes Category controller at Landmark Distinctive is the best way to describe this one ­ a striking illustration of a headless nude on the front label with total gibberish on the back including "aggressive spirituality". The liquid is harsh but tasty and although £5.49 seems a little too high, all looks rosy for Southern Breeze. Unless, of course, you are looking to buy duty paid ­ then, for Southern Breeze read hot air or thin air. Currently, it's only available to the multiples in container quantities. What's the point of that? If the product is only available to a restricted percentage of the market, then this must be reflected in its score ­ a shame. Rating out of 25 ­ 8 Total score out of 100 ­ 50 {{DRINKS }}