After Blogof last week noted Morrisons' attempt to recreate Close Encounters of the Tertiary Kind in a Hinckley car park, news of more movie magic at Tesco.

Shoppers got some unexpected sauce when an abrupt change of programming occurred in the entertainment section. An unusually large crowd gathered around the flat-screen TVs at the 24-hour Tesco in Bursledon alerted staff that something was awry.

Somehow a bunch of the units tuned in to five minutes of porn in the retailer's most dramatic display of barefaced cheek(s) since it claimed it was Britain's biggest discounter.

"It was pretty explicit and not at all what you expect to see in Tesco," one shopper told the always inquisitive Southern Daily Echo . "I think it was on one of the HD channels and the store says they think a customer must have turned over on a TV that controls the rest of them," he added.

Perhaps we can expect a celebrity endorsement for Tesco from high-profile skin-flick aficionado Richard Timney - aka Mr Jacqui Smith. After all, it emerged in the wake of Parliament's 'porngate' last week that one of Timney's naughty movies was entitled Raw Meat 3 - so maybe he'll crop up at the Tesco deli counter, too.